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quinta-feira, 31 de março de 2011

March 31st, 2011

Blossom: Me again! I know we spoke only the other day, yet you probably 'know' I am going away for a couple of weeks, so I would LOVE it if we were able to have a chat before I go? 

Federation of Light (FoL): This is most suitable for us as it is for yourself and indeed many. We have been considering that which would be of benefit and that which will allow the growth of the soul to quicken through giving of our knowledge.

Blossom: Well, really, you have given us so much to 'chew on'. I know many of us are really beginning to understand the significance of all that you have been saying and more importantly why you have been saying it. On the subject of Love I cannot imagine there is more that can be said. Only reiteration really.

FoL: And we would contradict that statement. For although we have given you much food for thought and therefore food for your soul, as you progress, grow, evolve and understand more of pure LOVE ... then it is only natural that there is more that can be offered to you on the matter. For instance ... is it not that often as you are 'getting it' ... getting to understand the FEELING of this Higher LOVE that you simply find words to be irrelevant? Is it not that you are able to contain this FEELING even though it FEELS as if you are sometimes bursting at the seams with it?

Blossom: Yes, but I just try to then imagine it going 'out' into the world.

FoL: We accept this and yet we would perhaps like to suggest to you another way.

Blossom: By all means.

When your heart is in that KNOWING ... when your mind has latched onto that FEELING and recognizes it on a more frequent basis as it is doing ... we ask you to 'bottle it'.
By bottling it we mean something different from your original understanding of this. It is a matter of containing it for a certain amount of time within you. To 'hold on to it' for a time and yet be fully aware that you are doing so. This is to be firstly practiced within a meditation state of mind. To imagine this Higher LOVE within you and to watch it literally overtake you. So that you find yourself in the ultimate FEELING of it. Your mind cannot be detracted by it, because you are engrossed 'in it'. You have become it and it has become you. It is for you to ascertain a particular level that is reachable from a 'minds' point of view and once the soul recognizes this position ... to imagine as if perhaps a button is pressed which 'sends you off'. Yet you are elsewhere in 'nowhere' ... yet perfectly aware of THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE. It is important at this stage to be of 'no mind' on one level and yet of 'full mind' on another. The two levels are indeed separate ... they need to be ... yet they blend perfectly in their separateness. When this is taking place for you ... one will know exactly that of which we speak and recognize it as 'a point'. We then ask you to 'bottle it'. Imagine pouring it into a vessel and storing it within that 'sacred space'.

Blossom: And I feel you then want us to repeat this exercise when ever we can ?

FoL: This is so. If it applies ... for concentration ... one can number these bottles that are stored. This is not what you would term as an exercise. It is far more complex than that. It serves a much greater purpose. We ask you to continue to do this as and when it is possible.

Blossom: I can FEEL too what you want us to do further down the track. Are you wanting to speak of that now?

FoL: It is more important that one concentrates on 'this stage'. Yet we have in mind the next stage which we certainly will speak of when it is time ... for it shall be of great service to your planet,

Blossom: One thing I am concerned about though is ... if we are 'bottling it ' instead of sending it out , will our planet not suffer even more? It is in such need of our Love and Light at this time, 

FoL: To which we would ask you to send out your LOVE on a continual basis. As if a constant flow of LOVE is coming down from above, through you and out to the world. As if this movement becomes as natural as breathing. The 'bottled LOVE' is ... shall we say ... ripening ... maturing ... awaiting it's moment. It shall be of a certain caliber by the time we ask you to apply it in a certain manner. As for 'when' this shall be, we ask you not to concern yourself upon. At this time it is for you ... if you desire ... to simply take the time to contain it within your own sacred space. This sacred space can be 'anywhere' you chose. All you need to do is to go there when necessary. We ask that one does not become concerned as to whether or not they are 'having the same experience' as another. For each shall find their own position with this offering ... and by allowing it to unfold in it's individual way will be of much service.
Blossom: Well. thank you . I am sure many of us will set about it straight away. I have a feeling that it will be quite a while before further instructions are given about this.

FoL: Not necessarily . We may 'add to' now and then before the finale.

Blossom: Anything else you would wish to speak of?

FoL: Whilst we are able ... indeed. It will be of much benefit also for one to spend time in pleasure. Finding sources of activity that bring the soul great upliftment. In this way you are 'charging' the atmosphere with the good vibrations . And it is easy to see that your planet is in great need of such things. Fuel your atmosphere with Laughter. Be of Light. If you find yourselves unable to 'take action ' now and then ... then go to places in your mind and take those places on a journey to your heart where they can be FELT. Recall past experiences that brought delight to the soul. Rekindle times that gave joy and fill your being with the FEELING. 
We have spoken much about moving into a language of FEELING and how it shall replace words. One only needs to look into another's eyes that are of Truth and so much is said without one word being spoken. The heart can speak a thousand words in the silence of a glance. Come to know your heart in a new way. Become best friends with your heart. For many have locked it away for fear of further damage ... for protection ... for reasons that they considered worthy of doing so. Nothing dearest ones more damaging to the heart than shutting it away ... shutting it out. Your heart is your keeper of your Truth. So many have hidden behind walls in order to brace themselves from the elements of emotions. Does one think the heart is not capable of defending itself?
Your heart ...oh dearest friends of ours ... is your rock. It has been underestimated a million fold. Your heart is YOU. It is your essence. It is your heart that tells you EVERYTHING that is Truth. It monitors your situations and circumstances. It NEVER lets you down.
Some may experience what you call 'a broken heart' and yet it cannot be broken. It can FEEL the deepest of pain and the deepest of joys. It can tell you who to trust and who to avoid. It is there to guide you on your journey. We ask you in these days of such opposites to know your heart in a deeper way. To understand your heart in a way that you have not yet done ... for in doing so ... you get to know yourself. Communicate with it as you would a friend. Nurture it as you would a child. As your hearts grow in love , so too must everything else. As they reach out and connect with one another ... the recognition of Oneness is is made. 
These future days are to be different from that which one has known. The way one conducts themselves is the way in which changes are to occur and one shall find that they conduct themselves in a new manner . A manner in which they had not before contemplated and yet it shall be of a service that enhances. 
Blossom: I FEEL we are coming to a close?

FoL: Yet we would care to add one more thing to ask of you ? To make sure you give yourselves a pat on the back. To make sure that you TRULY recognize ... with those very precious hearts of yours ... the tremendous upliftment you are giving to the planet. Indeed you are experiencing some troubled times upon it ... in many aspects ... yet you are more than capable of seeing through what you came here to do. To lift it into it's Higher vibration ... and you are doing this with great aplomb!

Blossom: And we shall continue to do so. Thank you for this conversation .... I shall now go and fill my first bottle!! In Love and Light as always my friends. 

Federation of Light by Blossom Goodchild

Original and translations of the Galactic Messages available on

sábado, 26 de março de 2011

March 26, 2011

We do not come to prove anything to you. We do not come to play games. We come only to assist you in this transformation that is taking place because it is our desire to do so.

March 26, 2011

Blossom: Well hello! Just putting my Trust in you ... who you are ... and what you want to say ... fire away! 

Federation of Light (FoL): Welcome aboard! Congratulations are in order for those upon your planet who have 'finally' understood all that we have been saying to you over these last times. It is not the fault of anyone if they have not yet discovered that of which we speak, for this is no fault. It is merely that some of you have literally 'kicked into gear'. A place that you have been working toward for many a long year in your terms. It is of much joy that we are able to recognize this change in many of you. For it is more than obvious when looking upon your aurauric field that this change has taken place. This in turn changes all around. Indeed ... within a deeper capacity the nearer one finds themself to it ... but also for you to know that this change sends out it's vibration on a large scale. Therefore KNOWING that you are in fact having a great impact far and wide and BEING of service in a manner that you desire and therefore are accomplishing much. Would we say that there is much you are doing in this way that you are unaware of ... yet is doing 'THE WORLD OF GOOD!' So we ask that you continue to 'work' at keeping this level of vibration up and around and within you ... for it is shining brightly and benefiting the whole in a way that you cannot imagine.
Blossom: That is really nice to know. For many FEEL as if they are not doing enough ... not playing their part ... and yet I KNOW you have said before that by simply BEING LOVE wherever we are, whatever we are doing ... then we are accomplishing much.

Fol:May we invite you all into our 'space?' We have encountered so much admiration for you all. You have a saying on your Earth plane of one 'beaming with delight'. This is how we FEEL about your actions. So many of you are spreading your Light. The number of awakened souls is continuing to rise at a rate that is most pleasing to all involved. This you must be reassured of. The more that are awakening ... through each one of you BEING that example of LOVE ... the more the energy of your planet is swaying toward the 'bright side'. We are so very proud of the manner in which you engage your thoughts when it would be so easy for them to disengage and slip down the slippery slope. Yet you are refraining from giving in to such things. You have found 'THE WAY'. You have come to terms with many things and are allowing the stronger side of yourselves to burst forth. There is no place for weakness in these days and your souls are aware of this. This is why only the strongest of the strong were chosen to be down here at this time. We KNEW that this time would come. We KNEW that the souls of Earth would RISE UP and become the LIGHT of the GREATEST LOVE. 
Can you now FEEL within you that which we have been speaking of? That which we have been trying to reconnect you with? It was important for us to do so. This was part of the plan. For it is not US that is to take you through to the NEW WORLD. It is YOU. You have KNOWN this all along. Yet it is only now that this Truth is DAWNING. This is not to say that we shall not be right along side you within this Great Plan. We have not traveled so far to simply 'leave you to it'. Not at all. We are ONE. We are ALL in this together. 
We shall move through this time KNOWING of our togetherness and it shall be a time of great rejoicing.
Blossom: Whoop! Suddenly burst into tears on that last sentence! Haven't done that for a while. I FELT that 'rejoicing' in that moment of you saying it. I FELT the VICTORY of all of us coming together ... BEING ONE .... after ALL this that we have chosen to endure for LOVE's sake ... we will have our moment of FEELING the reason why we did it. I KNOW there will not/cannot be one regret in all of this. How I wish that words were more adequate to describe FEELINGS!! To describe KNOWINGS!!

FoL: Our friends ... soul brothers and sisters ... gather your strength ... FEEL your absolute steadfastness in your mission ahead. KNOW that whatever is set before you ... your LOVE that is YOU shall never waver.
Understand this. For the more that LOVE is recognized within you ... for what it REALLY is ... for what it TRULY is ... the more the energy of that LOVE resonates out to the entire planet you reside upon. 
We ask that you concentrate within every moment of your BEING upon this LOVE. We would ask too that you push aside any worries and fears of what may or may not take place in your future days. What is to come about in days ahead will happen in the way they are supposed to. We can say that for a certainty. We are at the helm. We would never allow anything to override that which this Universe has prophesied. For that which is not in the Divine Plan will not take control. It cannot. 
Again we say ... and again and again ... so much 'news' is spread and scattered across your media ... all forms of communication .... that simply is not as it appears to be. We understand that which many are concerned about. TRULY WE DO! Yet we ask you to accept this fact. We ... from where we stand ... WE ... THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT ... are far more aware of all possibilities than ... with all respect ... you give us credit for. We do not in anyway wish to sound of conceit ... this is not our way ... yet we do desire that you find in your hearts the TRUTH of who we are ... and therefore accept that the bigger picture that we so often speak of is far far greater than 'just' what is taking place upon your planet Earth at this time.
We shall address and acknowledge the fact that many FEEL frustrated in that they have encountered no 'real evidence' that would ... in your eyes ... make all the difference to ones hopes and dreams upon Earth. Again we stress to you ... you may think you KNOW a lot of what is taking place .... yet you do not. It is not that we are being secretive. It is not of this way at all. Yet it is more of discernment. That which we 'by law' cannot yet divulge to you ... believe us when we say 'is for a very good reason'. The time will come soon enough ... when all that is needed to be known for the next stage in your evolution shall be given unto you. 
Do you recall in the past how we have said similar to that of 'little point giving test 48 to one who only understands the workings of test 7?' This is how we would describe it to you regarding matters of the Universal engagements at this time. It is neither that we think you unworthy or incapable ... it is that we are 'forbidden ' to do so in order to keep things on track.
Blossom: 'Forbidden' seems quite a strong word to use. 

FoL: Yet a Truthful one. May we speak to your souls? For this is who we are in contact with. Some of you already are aware of this fact! 
It is for you to decipher whether or not that which we say resonates with the deepest part of your soul. Ask yourselves right now in this moment ... ask yourself now ... can I FEEL TRUTH in these words? Does your heart answer you?
Blossom: Well , I know mine does for one! Yet sorry to interrupt, as I know you were not just speaking to moi! 

FoL: If it is that you heart is beating faster as you ask this ... please KNOW that this is not just the power of suggestion. This is the energy of which we bring through to you ... in order for your deepest KNOWING to accept who we are and to TRUST us. This TRUSTING has been knocked back and forth over time that we have been communicating with Blossom. Yet this is not necessarily a bad thing in the way that many of you assume. For it is only as one grows to KNOW their own soul ... their own part in all of this ... that TRUSTING US will be either what one does or does not. We do not come to prove anything to you. We do not come to play games. We come only to assist you in this transformation that is taking place because it is our desire to do so.

On a Universal level there is so very much involved. We have said to you on occasions that we are 'The overseers of the overseers'. We ask you to TRUST this as our TRUE position. We ask you to FEEL this in your heartplace. If you FEEL this as a TRUTH then there shall be NO DOUBTS that we are with you in LOVE. If you TRULY KNOW this ... then we are TRUSTING this KNOWLEDGE will assist you in the reason to march on forward. We are never off duty. We, in our place ... have a continual thread that attaches US to YOU. We are in constant knowledge of ALL that is taking place and we ask of you now to KNOW of this as TRUTH. 
Blossom: I can certainly FEEL my heart buzzing and overflowing! Sometimes when I hear or read what others are FEELING and thinking ... I have a gut KNOWING that we simply don't 'GET' that bigger picture. We 'ARE GETTING' the LOVE thing, I KNOW we are ... but MY KNOWING tells me , we just don't understand and therefore frustrations etc come out. I can see why ... don't get me wrong ... many say ... 'come and try a few weeks in this density' and see why so many long for some news or undeniable proof of life elsewhere. Life elsewhere ... that seems to be far more advanced in Loving behavior than ours . That is the hope so many are looking for from your extended family ... a brighter future ... something to spur us on. A huge great Light Pillar wouldn't go amiss let me tell you just quietly! 

FoL: And this dearest ones is where your TRUSTING must hold out for just a little longer .
Blossom: To which the crowd replied 'BOO'!! You do know don't you? I know you do ... that many are so fed up of hearing this. They want action .... NOW. To us down here ... the wait seems interminable sometimes ... it becomes a bit like ' is it really ever going to happen'? 

FoL: And yet you know when it does your world will turn upside down! Your world as you know it has to be ready for this ultimate change .

Blossom: Well, this is it you see ... so many FEEL WE ARE READY. Sure, there are folk who still sleep , but there are so many awake now. Do you not FEEL we are then?

FoL: Dearest spokes lady for the thoughts of many .... We would inform you that this matter is not just about whether or not there are enough awakened souls on your planet to 'take the brunt of it'.

If it were ... may we say the whole Ascension plan would be a 'dolls tea party' in comparison to the vast initiations that are underway on a scale of tumultuous magnitude. This is why we ask of your TRUST. Play your part in the very best manner that you can FEEL you want to play your part in. This is what we ask of you . Because WE KNOW far more of this story that is taking place. When it is TIME for you to KNOW MORE and when your BEINGS are ready to adjust to the next chapter ... then TRUST us when we say that you shall be informed of what is next required of/from you.
You cannot be given knowledge that is not to be given out ahead of its time. When it is time .... you will understand WHY you were unable to be given it earlier. As we state .... these are not games we are playing . This position that we are in with you is an honour to oversee. There is no place for trivia within this Divine plan. 
We ask you to first of all TRUST YOURSELVES ... and then through that TRUSTING ... ask yourselves if you TRUST US? That is all we are asking of you this day.
Blossom: 'Time for bed' said Zebedee!!!! ( From an English children's program in my youth.' The Magic Roundabout'. It sprung into my head suddenly! Zebedee was on a spring and used to bounce about the place. I went to delete it four times and got a distinct 'no'. Perhaps the reason for this will be made clear when other profound questions of Universal depth are also made known!!) 

Me, myself, I and so many others send you our heartfelt gratitude. Talk next time we talk my friends. In Love and thanks. 

Original and translations of the Galactic Messages available on

quinta-feira, 24 de março de 2011

De Mim para Vós!

Caros amigos viajantes:

Acho importante comentar alguns assuntos, e peço compreensão para que eu faça. Peço também que entendam que não sei mais do que qualquer outra pessoa. Sou apenas a mensageira e me acho numa situação onde muitos decidem ler o que eu tenho a dizer. Em hipótese alguma eu subestimo o poder e conhecimento que cada indivíduo desenvolveu, mas mesmo assim acho necessário, considerando o número de e-mails que recebi desde a canalização de 16 de março, esclarecer algumas coisas. Então, se me dão licença...

Na minha opinião, do que é válido, não importa quem ou o que é a causa de qualquer desastre, não importa o quão conflitante é uma mensagem que você lê, não importa quantos de vocês estejam sentindo medo, chamo a atenção para perceber a importância, ACIMA DE TUDO, de permanecer na SUA LUZ. ‘Sim, sim, sim’, escuto vocês dizerem, ‘já ouvi isso antes’ … mas, claramente, de alguns e-mail que recebi, muitos não perceberam esta necessidade. Pois para fazer isso, implica em muitas coisas em diversos níveis, e acredito que existam muitos níveis que não sabemos nada a respeito. Então, precisamos pelo nosso CRER no saber de nossas almas que a ÚNICA razão por que estamos aqui neste momento é para TERMOS CERTEZA que essa LUZ seja amplificada por nós em TUDO que está ocorrendo.

Me tornei ciente de tantas coisas esses últimos anos, algumas parecendo muito irreais, mesmo assim EU SEI que não são. O medo que está se espalhando pelo planeta nesta época parece aumentar. Vai ter mais para todos nós enfrentarmos numa escala bem maior. Estou dizendo isso pra assutá-los? NÃO! Estou dizendo isso, porque meu instinto diz que é isso … e precisamos estar preparados.

Peço a vocês que releiam as mensagens que a Federação da Luz nos mandou. Leiam-nas mais de uma vez, até ‘CAPTAR’.

O AMOR TUDO CONQUISTA. Não há nada que não possa ser sobrepujado através do AMOR.

SENTINDO AMOR dentro de você … no mais profundo nível, você pode … e então enviar para o mundo e às pessoas que nele residem … nós tudo podemos mudar.

Não faz muito tempo a Federação da Luz enviou esta mensagem a nós e SINTO que é válido revê-la:

“...Deixem de SENTIR pena de si mesmos e do mundo. Se vocês continuarem, nesses últimos dias do velho mundo, a ter o coração partido com tudo que perceberem em volta, então vocês continuarão a ter o coração partido com tudo o que percebem em volta. Quando seu SER for absorvido pela tristeza de um desastre, ESTEJA alerta que alimentar essa tristeza pelos envolvidos não ajuda em nada. Faça desse momento de percepção a sua força. Dê umas inspiradas profundas e mude seus pensamentos para raios de sol e alegria e imaginem as almas afetadas por qualquer desastre rindo e amando novamente. Trazer a mudança através do pensamento. Isto é muito importante. Desejamos que vocês precebam o que está se passando … e em o que está se transformando. SEJA POSITIVO … para todos em volta … em todos os lugares. TRAGAM PENSAMENTOS POSITIVOS para os momentos que vocês sentem que seria muito mais fácil desistir e derramar lágrimas para os que sofrem de várias maneiras.

TRAGAM A LUZ àquele momento ou situação. Propaguem a SUAS LUZES aos lugares e pessoas que estejam sofrendo. VOCÊ VÊ ... VOCÊ VÊ ... VOCÊ VÊ? É sua Luz que fará a diferença a eles. Se chorar com eles, você estará ‘mergulhando’ em algo que não tem utilidade. Não serve para nada. Não estamos pedindo para perderem o senso de compaixão. O oposto disso. É sendo forte e emitindo Luz que você está SEndo compassivo”.

Você pode SENTIR que tudo está fora de controle. Mude esse SENTIR para o exato oposto! TUDO ESTÁ SOB NOSSO CONTROLE. Por causa do AMOR. AMOR é a força maior. Nada pode ocultar AMOR. Medo não, com certeza!

Percebem? É isso que a Federação fala repetidamente sobre em que se transformar. Quando nos deslocamos para aquele local de SER APENAS AMOR, não pode haver medo.

Muitos estão preocupados que a morte virá até eles também … através de um desastre planetário … mesmo que seja isso para alguns de nós … o que devemos temer? Sério … o que? Já não ‘estivemos lá e fizemos isso’ muitas vezes anteriormente? Entendo que essas almas que passam para outros domínios … são parte do grande plano. Todos que deram suas vidas através desses estágios diferenciados fizeram porque eles SABEM ser tudo parte do plano. Eu SEI em meu coração que eles estão em outro local e de suas moradas estão nos auxiliando.


Por todos os pensamentos que estão passando em sua cabeça nesses dias, pensamentos de perda de saúde devido a situações mundiais, pensamentos de qualquer natureza negativa … reconheçam-nos de imediato e os transformem em pensamentos de AMOR.

SAIBA que você está protegido de AMOR. NADA … NADA pode afetá-lo quando você 100% REALMENTE SABE DE VERDADE em seu coração a realidade que o AMOR é … o que é capaz … quando você 100 % REALMENTE SABE DE VERDADE dentro de seu SER, então você percebe também que o seu AMOR … este AMOR que VOCÊ é … é o mesmo AMOR que está em todos. Consegue IMAGINAR … por favor IMAGINE comigo … um mundo onde TODOS compreendem este AMOR que são. Ao IMAGINAR isso … SENTIR como uma realidade … trará tal transformação.

Estamos fazendo nosso bocado? Estamos? É sobre SENTIR. Não é isso que fomos solicitados a fazer? SENTIR o mundo que desejamos. Imaginar não é o suficiente. Precisamos todos SENTIR nosso desejo para que se manifeste. TUDO QUE PRECISAMOS FAZER … O TEMPO TODO … É SENTIR O AMOR. Os benefícios são enormes, não só para si, mas é A RESPOSTA PARA NOSSAS PRECES. Entendem? Imagino se vocês podem SENTIR neste momento enquanto lê isso … como meu coração está SENTINDO? Palavras parecem inadequadas para me expressar. Percebo agora mais que nunca … nossa missão. Todos temos papéis diferentes a cumprir … avenidas diferentes para seguir em nossos corações … mas cada um de nós está aqui para finalmente ancorar este AMOR. Tudo que se está lutando contra vai se desmanchar. A força do AMOR sobrepõe-se a tudo. Tudo que está se passando a nossa volta PODE se dissipar se colocarmos nosso SENTIMENTO de AMOR acima de tudo.

Há uma urgência agora … é de grande importância que nos coloquemos em posição e ajamos de acordo. Posicione-se acima de tudo que o encha com frequências baixas. Posicione-se acima de tudo que não lhe serve mais.

TRAGA A LUZ DO AMOR DAS ALTAS ESFERAS A ESTA DIMENSÂO. Isto é o que viemos fazer aqui .. então, com todo respeito por todos, vamos parar de ficar choramingando … vamos parar de fingir que somos peões jogados de lado pelos que estão no controle. Bobeira!







Obrigada por me ouvir.

Em amor … através do amor … com Amor

Blossom Goodchild

Vou colocar isso também no meu blog, então qualquer pensamento pode ser compartilhado via ferramenta de comentários. Sinta-se à vontade para postar o que quiser que achar ser bom. Obrigada.

Tradução: Alexandre

quarta-feira, 16 de março de 2011

March 16, 2011

spiritual reality
We would never wish to upset or confuse and yet perhaps there are times when we realize that there is a greater barrier between your world and ours and that we undermine your position and perhaps too ...
 we get a little carried away with what we presume is known. For indeed there is much known by us that as yet is unheard of
... or even created as a thought in your earthly domain.

March 16, 2011
Blossom:Good afternoon my friends. It seems so long since we chatted, but in the big scheme of things ... not really. A lot has taken place on our planet in that time. I have pondered upon these events and what would be appropriate to discuss with you , and I have come to the conclusion that I shall just see how the conversation flows. In my eyes, in my heart, I know that you know what is best for us to hear at any given time so I shall leave it in your capable hands if I may? 

Federation of Light (FoL):We are thankful for your consideration. In times such as these upon your planet ... there are possibilities that can occur and as to whether or not they do .... can not be controlled by us and nor indeed would we desire to do so. However may we state , that unless there is to be a peaceful outcome to all that your Earth is having to endure in these present circumstances ... we feel that we have no choice but to intervene at a juncture that we see fitting. There are rules and regulations that must be abided by throughout the Universe. This Universe that we all frequent . There is of course free choice ... free will ... and yet there are boundaries that simply cannot be crossed. When they are ... how would we address this ... the Creator sees to it that such matters are dealt with in a manner that is fair and just. 
Blossom: So are you saying that certain boundaries have been crossed?

FoL: We are. That which is known upon your planet, so much of which you consider to be borderline is far from the legitimacy of our call.

Blossom: In my naivety, I do not really understand that last statement. Could you break it down for me please?

 FoL: We have been able to express to you over our communications the reasonings behind many of our actions or 'lack of actions'. We choose, because of our sovereignty, to specify only subjects which we feel will enhance the vibrational frequency of those dwelling upon your planet, and we feel that in this fashion we are carrying out our dutiful and necessary commitments to your race as a whole. In saying this , we are also aware that there are matters that many feel the need to be addressed and we have chosen to 'steer clear of' due to the vibrational pull of any given matter and we choose to keep the vibration of our contact with you above a certain frequency. For when matters are discussed that are of a hugely negative frequency , it is natural for the entire level to be brought down to the vibration to which any given matter resides within. Are you following us?

Blossom: Yes. I have grown to understand this . I accept and appreciate it. So, what do you mean by 'the legitimacy of our call'?

FoL: We are explaining to you that certain incidents have arisen over these last weeks that do not serve and although we are of the nature not to interfere with the race of human kind and to 'oversee' how they evolve, there are limitations as to what we feel can be 'gotten away with'. Because of these incredible times that we are all experiencing we have to make sure that the Divine plan is to remain on track, and it can not be that certain powerful forces who believe themselves to be rulers of the world can interfere beyond a certain point and send this Divine course ... off course.

Blossom: OK ... here I have to bring up something that obviously you know I have been thinking about. I have read that the latest disaster in Japan was not caused by Mother Nature .. and that it was created by the dark forces ... I have also read to the contrary that it is to do with the poles shifting. To be honest , you ask us to listen to our hearts and get our Truthful answer from there, but the answer isn't being given to me. At least at this point, not in a way that I understand. I am simply confused as to what is the Truth about all this. My heart/head 'wants' the Truth to be that it is the poles shifting. That's' a more pleasant Truth if you like. Yet there seems to be much evidence that an organization who controls the weather etc has set this off. Is this in fact what your conversation is leaning toward? I am not convinced one way or the other and I was quite apprehensive to begin this channell with you because of this very matter. Yet it does seem that you are saying that the dark forces were at work here ...

FoL: We are merely stressing the importance of staying in your Light and your Truth no matter what or who may have caused such cataclysmic events.

 Blossom: Not wishing to be rude ... but can you not just give a simple yes or no?

FoL: Is that what you would Truly wish ?

Blossom: Yes.

FoL: Then to honour your inquiry we would say NO.

Blossom: Which leaves me totally confused! What exactly then are you referring to in your earlier statements ? And also ... are you saying that the Japan earthquake was to do with the magnetic pole shift?

FoL: Throughout that which you refer to as history much has been discussed regarding these days that you are actually now living in. There have been mysteries unsolved ... there have been great debates on what is and what is not to take place ... and yet, here you all are , with the greatest of respect ... awakening every morning in your world and continuing on with another day. That day is made up of moments and one can only BE in the moment of now. Right now in this moment you are writing this chat between us. It is happening NOW for you and for us ... yet it will be a different moment of NOW when others get to read this conversation. Just because it is a different moment of now does not mean that anything has changed ... and yet many NOW moments between this moment of writing and that moment of reading will have passed.

Blossom: Your point being? I am getting so lost in all this , but I'll press on ...

FoL: Our point being ... that within each given moment one experiences something ... anything ... depending on the place within their journey that they are in ... how they choose to 'interpret' that given moment ... be it something they have heard , something they have physically encountered ... will determine how they live in their next moment of now. It can be a drastic turn of events that is to befall one , or the most beautiful next phase of their pathway , entirely depending on how they bring their heart into alignment with any given moment.

Blossom: So ... what has all this got to do with the Truth of the earthquake and what you were talking about re the legitimacy of your call. Talk about going around and about the houses. You KNOW ... you can FEEL , I am not frustrated , I am just wondering where you/we are traveling with all of this?

FoL: We understand your need to find your answers. When we chat with you on a more 'linear scale' ... we will be able to give you many ah ha moments. For now we have to leave you agog as you would say.

Blossom: Sorry chaps, but that's not really on ... not from my point of view. If there are matters that have crossed the line, and have to be dealt with and you say that it is not regarding man interfering with the recent earthquake ... then at least give us some idea of what you are talking about, otherwise what is the point of even mentioning it? Do you see where I am coming from? In my eyes I would feel unsatisfied leaving it like that . Actually , I think I need to just take a break here and read back on what we have put down today , I feel I need to realign this whole conversation.

OK , I read it ... took a break ... did some chores and thought it over. I 'tuned in' again , and as always I ask White Cloud to be my gatekeeper. I asked him to show me something to help as clearly I am struggling a little today. He showed me a black board full to the brim of equations and such like and then all of it being erased and written up was 1+1 =2 . So I took this to mean 'lets go back to the basics'.

OK chaps ... at the beginning of this communication it seems that you were talking about boundaries being overstepped and there are those who want to rule the world and have simply crossed the borderline. You then quite categorically state that it was not this same 'govern' that had created the earthquake and its following tsunami. This is where I got confused. Rather than go over it all again , can you put today's conversation with you into perspective for me ?

FoL: We are aware that we have alerted you to something that your mind became lost within. We would never wish to upset or confuse and yet perhaps there are times when we realize that there is a greater barrier between your world and ours and that we undermine your position and perhaps too ... we get a little carried away with what we presume is known. For indeed there is much known by us that as yet is unheard of ... or even created as a thought in your earthly domain.

Blossom: And I have to admit too, to being apprehensive as I said before I began ... as to how this would go ... considering all that has taken place. So I shouldn't think I have helped much regarding letting you say your piece ... try as I might. 

I had one of those ' Just stick with the acting Bloss ' moments ... This position I find myself in with you can bring out ones vulnerability and isn't always plain sailing! Above all , you know I TRUST you. As you say this 'barrier' between worlds is probably far greater than those of us in the earthly vibration realize.

FoL: Would you care for us to continue a little more?

Blossom: As long as it flows well and we don't go round and round the mulberry bush. I have had enough of that for one session! I will clear my thoughts and just let you say what ever it is you feel is most valuable at this juncture.

FoL: We do not desire that you imagine us to 'pussyfoot' around on any given matter. Yet we choose to be very particular regarding that which we feel is appropriate to be presented to you at any given time. We, as you may well be aware of , have knowledge to a degree that is way beyond your comprehension due to your location within the universe and the form that you are residing in. This is not to say that 'elsewhere' or other aspects of yourself ' know differently.'
There is much on your world that is designed to propagate fear. Therefore, we feel it greatly beneficial to counteract that action by concentrating on that which is of purest Divine thoughts of Love. We understand your position. We fully appreciate the need for you and those of Earth to receive answers from us regarding serious disruptions upon your Earth plane ... and yet with all respect ... we still feel we have the upper hand in recognizing the bigger picture. The 'need to know' policy that is adhered to by we ... The Federation of Light ... is in place for a specific purpose. If certain knowledge was to be delivered to your inquisitive minds before its time, pandemonium would be let lose ... and much of the effort on all of our parts to keep this transformation under control ... would simply get out of hand. We must consider the safety of the whole as opposed to the wanting to KNOW NOW ... when it simply isn't within the plan to KNOW NOW. 
This too, we feel ... can answer your confusion that is spoken of this day. It is not correct to delve more deeply into the matter and yet you asked us to speak freely on what we felt appropriate to speak of. May we say too dearest Blossom ... that due to what YOU 'think' we may be addressing ... this is where the confusion can set in. Naturally your train of thought may wander down a particular track and it may not be the track that we are wandering down ... at all. This unfortunately can cause the 'disruption' between our communication and yet we accept that these dilemma's may sometimes occur and cannot always be avoided. 
Blosom: Yes, how easy it would be if you could just call my mobile ... or send me a fax and I'd print it out for you. Yet I often consider how far we have come as friends and communicators over the years. There was no teacher for me to explain 'how to communicate with ET's ' we just had to TRUST each other and it is only now and then , like today when things go a little off track. I am not an A student yet , but I am willing to keep on going ... because I feel that you have taught us so very much ... and because of these teachings and many of this nature ... we are changing our world. We are so very grateful ... and no matter what occurs I will continue our treasured friendship. Funny, I feel it's time to close and yet I don't really feel we have said anything of note for 'your fans' to assimilate.

FoL: You would be surprised.

Blossom: Thing is ... I know I shall post this , as I post all communications with you. Yet I have to say ... I don't feel it is one of the more 'revelationary ' get together's. Maybe I expected too much because of what has been going on .

FoL: Maybe you underestimate that which has been said.

Blossom: Maybe I need a cup of coffee!

FoL: Remain heartstrong. What is to come will lift your feelings and bring with it your vibrational upliftment also. These times are known to bring much melancholy and yet there is to be the contrast to let you KNOW that all is well. All is indeed very well.

Blossom: Okidokey . Many thanks to you ... through it all. In Love and Light also. I DO LOVE YOU, you know!

FoL: Our feelings feel this Love ... in the same way that your feelings feel ours.

Federation of Light by Blossom Goodchild

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13:02:2014 – 23:00 H Lisboa, Portugal

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Canal: Kathryn E May, PsyD
02 de Agosto de 2013

O Criador Original Fala:

Meus Queridos, não falo muitas vezes directamente convosco, mas é uma época tão extraordinária que estou a aproveitar esta oportunidade para falar-vos mais sobre o vosso mundo, e como é importante que se concentrem completamente, agora, em erguer as vossas vibrações, especialmente aqueles que estiveram tão ocupados a trabalhar, a ganhar dinheiro para pagar as contas e cuidar da família.

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No primeiro dia de Junho, depois de terem mandado lixar a troika, algumas dezenas de estudantes turcos a residir em Portugal juntaram-se na Avenida dos Aliados, no Porto, para apoiar os compatriotas. Dezenas de milhares de turcos têm protestado, ao longo da última semana, em Ancara e Istambul, contra o Governo de Recep Taiyyip Erdogan. Em causa está não só a decisão de construção um centro comercial no parque Gezi, mas também (ou sobretudo) um enorme descontentamento com a política de Erdogan, marcada pelo conservadorismo e pelo entusiasmo por grandes obras públicas consideradas fracturantes. O P3 quis ouvir jovens que conhecem a realidade turca e perceber qual é a perspectiva que têm sobre o conflito. Ideologias à parte, no final, a mensagem foi só uma: o povo está unido contra a violência e pela democracia.

Bradley Manning

1,000 dias sem julgamento. Esteja presente num dos 58 eventos para Bradley!

Adira ao apelo internacional para apoiar Bradley Manning, o soldado heróico que tem sido perseguido por ter feito o que era correcto – Expôr os crimes de guerra para motivar em todo o mundo as discussões, debatesse reformas.

Events planned worldwide on Feb 23, in support of Bradley Manning on his 1,000th day imprisoned without trial

Uma enorme efusão de apoio a Bradley!

Os Eventos incluem protestos, comícios, exibições de hip-hop, concertos e arte. Pedimos que estejam presentes num evento perto de vós, neste fim-de-semana afim de educar/informar/elucidar outros sobre Bradley e mostrar igualmente às autoridades militares que os povos de todo o mundo apoiam-no. Os soldados têm direito a um julgamento rápido, não apenas sob a legislação da Constituição dos Estados Unidos da América, mas também de acordo com o Código Uniforme da Justiça Militar daquele país. Mas o Tribunal Marcial tem sido atrasado porque as forças armadas têm criado continuamente obstáculos à defesa em aceder a evidência importante e

No entanto, o tribunal marcial designado para Bradley foi adiado porque os militares têm criado continuamente obstáculos à defesa para impedi-la de aceder a provas importantes e proporcionar um apelo a este informador.

Eventos nos E.U.A.

Tucson, AZ Feb 23, 11am-5pm
Tempe, AZ Feb 23, 5:30-6:30pm
Guerneville, CAFeb 23, 12-1pm
Cahuenga (L.A.), CA Feb 23, 9-11am
Los Angeles, CAFeb 23, 5:30-6:30
Long Beach (L.A.), CA Feb 23 at 1pm until Feb 24 at 2pm
Montrose (L.A.), CAFeb 23, 5:30-7pm
Studio City (L.A.), CA Feb 22, 6:30-7:30pm
San Francisco, CAFeb 23, 1-4pm
San Diego, CA Feb 23, 7-9pm
Denver, CO Feb 23, 12-3:30pm
Washington, DCFeb 24, 6:30-9pm
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Feb 23, 12-1:30pm
Pensacola, FL Feb 23, 5:30-6:30pm
Tallahassee, FLFeb 23, 12-1pm
Honolulu, HI Feb 22, 4-5:30pm
Chicago, IL Feb 23, 12-1:30pm
Ft. Leavenworth, KS Feb 23, 1-3pm

Boston, MA Feb 23, 1-2pm
Augusta, ME Feb 23, 11:30am-12pm
Portland, ME Feb 23, 12pm
Detroit, MI Feb 23, 3-8pm
Eatentown, NJ Feb 23, 12-1:30pm
New Orleans, LAFeb 23, 2-6pm
Minneapolis, MN Feb 23, 9:30am-12pm
Wilmington, NC Feb 23, 12-1:45pm
Albuquerque, NM Feb 23, 10am-12pm
New York, NY Feb 23, 2-4pm
Rochester, NY Feb 23, 10am-12pm
Toledo, OH Feb 23, 12pm
Corvallis, OR ongoing
Philadelphia, PA Feb 23, 2-4pm
Newport, RI Feb 23, 1-2pm
Austin, TX Feb 23, 10:30am
Houston, TX Feb 23, All Day
Bristol, VT Feb 23, 10am-12pm
Seattle, WA Feb 23, 12-4pm

Eventos Internacionais

Melbourne, Australia Feb 22, 2-4pm
Sydney, AustraliaFeb 23, 11am-2pm
Vancouver, CanadaFeb 23, 1-5pm
Paris, France Feb 23, 3-5pm
Berlin, GermanyFeb 23, 12:30-3pm
Brussels, BelgiumFeb 23, 1-2pm
Kaiserslautern, Germany Feb 23, All Day
Rome, Italy Feb 23, 4-5pm
Oslo, Norway Feb 23, 10am-12pm
Oporto, PortugalFeb 23, das 15:00 às 18;00H.
Seoul, South KoreaFeb 23, 11am
Kampala, UgandaFeb 23, 10am-12pm

Dublin, Ireland Feb 23, 1-3pm
Birmingham, UK Feb 23, 2pm
London, UK Feb 23, 2pm
Peterborough, UK Feb 23, 12-2pm
Yorkshire, UK Feb 23, 11am
Fairford UK Feb 23, 9:30am-12pm
Bangor, Wales Feb 23, 11am-2pm
Cardiff, Wales Feb 23, 10:30am-2:30pm

No dia 3 de Junho, 100 dias após o próximo sábado, a acusação militar irá proferir uma sentença terrível para toda a vida, no tribunal marcial que está julgar Bradley. As demonstrações públicas são a melhor maneira de dar uma oportunidade de liberdade a este jovem informador. Nunca houve uma ocasião mais importante para divulgar o nosso apoio a expor crimes de guerra, justiça internacional e o direito do povo de saber o que o governo faz em nosso nome.

Encontre uma demonstração na sua área ou crie a sua !

Se estiver presente numa demonstração, por favor tire fotografias e envie por email

Obrigado por apoiar Bradley Manning

Ajude-nos a continuar a pagar a totalidade (100%) das despesas da defesa de Bradley! Faça uma doação HOJE!