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domingo, 28 de novembro de 2010

November 28, 2010

It is NOW that you will find, if you do so, that the thoughts will be removed.

Thoughts that no longer serve and your spirit shall begin to feel cleansed and renewed.

There shall be confusion as this particular shift is occurring. LET IT BE.

Simply LET IT BE.

May we advise you, that by simply accepting the process it shall be made so much easier. It is programmed to work it self , if you allow it to do so.

Do not question, just allow.

Blossom: Good evening to you. Well, twice today I have sat down to communicate yet to no avail. The only reason I am trying again is because my head feels so 'off with the fairies' and it FEELS like you are about. So thought I'd come back for one more try. Is there something you wanted to say?

Fderation of Light (FoL): We are indeed close by to you Blossom. This feeling of 'space' with in your head is due to changes in your vibration yet again.

Blossom: Oh good , its not as in 'space' because there's nothing in there!!!

FoL: Many of you will be experiencing this same feeling at this time. There are exchanges coinciding with changes and this can leave one feeling rather out of sorts we believe.

Blossom: What are the exchanges?

FoL: It is that we prefer to interact with many in this way for the moment. It is confidential to each as they connect with others not of Earth. In this fashion that which is needed to be explained is kept dormant until such a time when it is sensible to be revealed. If it was to be 'understood' before time , then it may cause unnecessary upheaval due to the misunderstanding of the situation . For what is taking place now is different from what shall be taking place when this information provided is awakened within each one. It would not make sense to many at this point and may cause alarm and confusion.

Blossom: So would it not be better then, to pass this information on at the correct time? Why is it necessary to do it now?

FoL: Because the soulself understands it and is getting the human self subtly prepared. It is in the preparation that will allow all to go smoothly at the appointed time ... for this information to 'reach' the part of the self that will be able to interpret it correctly when one is under 'starters orders'.

Blossom: Well, I have to say , it does make one feel rather 'off planet'.

Fol: That is because much of 'you' is integrating with 'off planet'.

Blossom: I am finding it hard to remain grounded. Any suggestions?

FoL: Allow yourself to breath.

Blossom: Always a good thing I find!

FoL: We mean in a deeper way. Breath in deeply and out again deeply. As you do so you will be conscious of a difference within this taken breath. It is of a Higher depth.

Blossom: Higher depth?? Love it , because I understand it.

FoL: All that we have been speaking of to you is coming about. It is happening NOW. You feel that you are tired of waiting. Yet there has been none. For with each moment the changes are happening within and around you. This Higher energy that we tell to you of, it is now merging with your Being. YOU are breathing it in. YOU are becoming ONE with it. YOU are becoming part of it. These changes are not minimal. They are vast. There is not anything that can be done that could let this change slip by unnoticed. Some will recognize it for what it is, others will consider it simply another ailment. So quickly NOW is this change taking place. The minds fleeting thoughts of many memories are releasing past. The way ahead cannot be cast when attachments are demanding attention. With each thought that comes in this way, let it go . Let all things go that are affecting you in some manner. It is NOW that you will find, if you do so, that the thoughts will be removed. Thoughts that no longer serve and your spirit shall begin to feel cleansed and renewed. There shall be confusion as this particular shift is occurring. LET IT BE. Simply LET IT BE. May we advise you, that by simply accepting the process it shall be made so much easier. It is programmed to work it self , if you allow it to do so. Do not question, just allow.

Blossom: But we are human, we always question ... don't we ???

FoL: Yet, we are asking you to TRUST this process. This means of course, that you must TRUST yourselves. This above all is the key. TRUST YOURSELVES in the process. If you let go of fear ... if you KNOW that this is the shedding of the old, then you will find it less exhausting. By not asking the questions you will find that there are less questions to ask. It is beneficial to you all to go with the flow. Stop the struggling within. Accept. Accept Accept. What is happening to you is necessary. If these changes do not take place it would be very difficult for you to exist in the NEW WORLD. When you look at it this way, does it help you to see how close you are? How dramatically everything has to transform?

Blossom: When you say dramatically ... how dramatic are we talking?

FoL: Enough to give your world a good shake up.

Blossom: Mmm! That's what I thought... and are you talking a physical shake up here?

FoL: We are. And yet, we wish you to acknowledge that this is part of the process. This is necessary in order for things to take their new position. The NEW WORLD could not come into play is this does not take place.

Blossom: So I guess at this point I would say that many may feel a little unsettled by this news. A physical shake up. This of course could mean many things. Poles shifting, earthquakes ... not exactly a joy ride to look forward to.

FoL: And yet we would say differently. You are looking at it with naivety. We are KNOWING of it from another perspective. These are the very reasons we are offering you information as we spoke of earlier so that at these times there will be understanding. How you 'imagine' things to be played out may be displayed completely differently from how your minds at this point choose to perceive it. Yet when the 'stronger' transformations take place, YOU of Earth will KNOW from within yourself that there is nothing to fear. May we express our difficulty in explaining this matter? This is exactly what we were speaking of when we said, that you would not be able to understand it 'NOW'. Yet we say in all Truth ... you shall. And again we say ... there need be no fear.

Blossom: I will take your word for it.

Another matter if I may? ... I do not know if you are aware of this or not, but a lot of people write in asking me to ask you to help them communicate with you. Many feel you will know who they are individually. Some feel they must be failing because they feel so strongly towards you, they feel so connected with you and as if you are trying to connect with them, but they don't know how to master it. What advise would you give to these souls?

FoL: First of all we would say that we are family to all. There is not one, not one upon the Earth who is not part of this vast FAMILY OF LOVE. It involves many things when connecting through the veils. And yet the most important factor is the vibration of Pure Love. It is by allowing the heart to speak and not the mind. The mind can complicate issues on an energetic level. Interferences are easily detected and can sway thought patterns so that what was even a faint link is dispersed.

Blossom: Some people ask why I am able to do it and not them. I tell them I have no idea! I mean , how come I am able to connect up with you so easily? I know I had the whole illness thing for years etc and circumstances took place that I have been since been told were necessary for my body to adjust to being able to do what I do. I get all that bit, but you know, why me exactly? Why others that can ? How is is that some can and some cant? Is this something that is arranged before we come down here? Is it to do with our developmental skills once down here? What exactly?

FoL: All of these things. Like many questions ... there are many answers. In your case yes, it was pre-advised.

Blossom: I thought you were going to say 'prearranged'.

FoL: We used the word 'advised' because of its interpretation. It was/is advisable for you to be our messenger, and yet if you were to change your mind on this 'arrangement ' once 'under pressure' of the Earths density then this of course would be fully accepted also.

Blossom: And obviously there would be others that had been 'preadvised also', incase this scenario was to occur.

FoL: This is so. Yet it seems at this juncture it will not be necessary.

Blossom: Eh ... is now a good time to mention the wages???!!! It is interesting though and I am sure many messengers feel the same, as to how come we ended up doing what we do. It wasn't exactly something the schools careers officer mentioned! Yet when all is said and done ... I wouldn't change it for the world. Even when the world changes!

FoL: And that will be a different communication all together. There will be a time to come when the vibration of 'earthling humans'

Blossom: As opposed to ?

FoL: Non earthling humans ... will have no trouble at all in making conversation with us. Telepathic skills , teleportic (?) skills, skills that your human understanding even at this late juncture would find it impossible to comprehend shall be everyday normalities. So we ask you not to be of disharmony if you are unable to 'hear' us. There is not one of you that is unable to 'feel' us in your hearts. This in itself is a sign of how well you are carrying out your involvement within this Divine Plan.

Blossom: It would be so good if you could send us a little DVD of what the future holds for us. We surely would be amazed at our potential.

FoL: And yet it would not be potential. It would be transparent. It would be how it is to be. Potential is that which lies within awaiting to come out. That is your NOW. The DVD would show you at your best. At your fullest capacity. When all is remembered of who you are. Much of your science fiction as you well know, is not fiction at all. We have stated this before and we shall reiterate with you ... within each one of you lies the Truth of who you are. Where else would it/ could it be placed? The time is upon this Truth to rise up from its dormancy and present itself to itself.

Blossom: Mmm! Present itself to itself ... what does that actually mean?

FoL: It means that it shall appear as it Truly is to the soulself which in itself is and can be only of itself ... The Truth.

Blossom: Need I have asked?! That's is it isn't it for today? Right on cue, I just always 'feel ' that last sentence when you give it. Well, considering I didn't think you were there tonight, we haven't done badly. We haven't cracked the meaning of life itself or anything like that, but its been nice to chew the cud as they say. Until next time ... Many thanks my friends. In Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays ... Me! xx

Federation of Light by Blossom Goodchild

domingo, 21 de novembro de 2010

November 21, 2010

Blossom: Hiya. Me here. Felt like tuning in. Anything to offer us oh so powerful mortals?

Federation of Light (FoL): We have our Love and our wisdom. We shall always have our Love to give to you. There is not a circumstance that would change this. We are of it . You are of it . So how could we not? We accept as we understand of your ways more and more, that there are difficulties in your understanding of this at times. There are times we have grown to know of when your souls feel so very alone. This indeed is an unknown quantity for us. We, who WE are ... which is also who YOU are, each one of you ... do not KNOW of this FEELING. We KNOW that we are at ONE with each other. At ONE with ALL things. Therefore, how can there be such a feeling with inside of you? Unless it is that you have not fully understood that YOU are part of the whole. Part of EVERYTHING!

Blossom: Well, I for one, am aware that we are a part of it all. As ONE. I KNOW this . I ACCEPT this, and yet, in all honesty, I still feel alone a lot of the time. I am blessed to have a beautifully supportive family and friendships all around me , yet the aloneness can feel so very strong at times. I do connect up and FEEL in a peaceful space when I meditate, but whilst getting on with everyday 'stuff' , there is still a yearning within my soul. I think about BEING LOVE . I KNOW that is the answer to how we get through these poignant times, I wonder if you can give us some 'tips' on how to 'BE it' ALL THE TIME ... IN THAT ONENESS .

FoL: And yet do you not see? YOU ARE IN IT ... ALL THE TIME. You cannot NOT be IN IT. For you are OF IT.

Blossom: So, how do we get to recognize that in a fuller capacity? Other than meditating all day long which is simply not practical.

FoL: By accepting, by KNOWING.

Blossom: I accept it and I KNOW it , yet I'm not in that place of full LOVE and peace all the time. Nowhere near. How do we take it to the next step? How do we get to BE in that place ?

FoL: By BEING your True Self. Let us ask you something. This is not new to you , to any of you. How far have you progressed within your manner? Your disposition? Your understanding? Your acceptance? Your loyalty to self? How far have you expanded with in your thoughts as to possibilities that once were far removed from a reality you could live in? Think about this dear ones. Look at how far ... in such an apparent short space of your time ... you have merged and blended with Higher energies , and through this your undeniable transition is/has taking/taken place without you really noticing it.

Blossom: Well, can't say I haven't noticed it exactly! But yes, when you put it like that , we all have traveled far within ourselves.

FoL: And as your days 'spice up' you will continue to do the same, yet at a quicker rate than present. Therefore, your understanding of ALL things shall deepen and this deeper LOVE that it is your intention to BE , will be allowed to express itself through you. It is already you, OF you , IN you. KNOW also, something to take heed of, WE ... where WE are ... is of a totally different vibration from that of the Earth plane. Therefore, to BE this Love ... is all there is. If you were able to visit us in our surroundings you would Be of it also, with no thought of having to TRY to BE it. For you would just BE it. The energy frequency is OF IT.

Blossom: Aren't you going to invite me for a sleep over then? It would be rude not to?

FoL: We smile at your words. For indeed a 'sleep over' is far more accurate than you may realize. As many of you KNOW , when you sleep , you leave the density of the Earth vibration and your soul freely becomes that which you say you are yearning to become.

Blossom: Pass the bottle of sleeping pills if you would? I am just jesting with you. I KNOW we are here to fulfill our destiny. Well, actually the destiny of the human race! And when put like that , it sounds rather grand and important. And it is!!

FoL: And you are all doing it so well. The fact of the matter is that it is NOW when ALL IS COMING TO LIGHT that you are able to comprehend WHY you are here. This is the importance of your knowledge being brought to the forefront of 'who you are'. THIS is the time NOW when you are recognizing the part you have come here to play.


This uprising within your BEing. This stirring within your soul, is simply yourself, your Truth, telling you of this time. This time that you have been waiting for, for so long. It is here. You are recognizing this fact , and yet you are allowing your souls to be filled with confusion. IF you listen to your BEing, IF you learn to understand what your soul is telling you loudly and clearly, then you are able to journey forth with full understanding of what you came here to accomplish.

Blossom: The thing is, I KNOW what you are saying, and in many things these days I am able to know instinctively that which resonates with me and that which doesn't. My question , if I may, is ... obviously things that the 'lower energies' of this planet have up their sleeve to deceive us, do not resonate with those of us living in the Light, yet we cannot say they are an untruth, because it is quite clear that certain projects are underway in order for these lower energies to try and remain in control. So, do you see what I am asking? It is a Truth, even though it does not resonate with where my Being is at, so although we know to focus only on Light, what those 'pranksters' are up to cannot be ignored. And with the technology they have , should they decide to deceive us by showing us things in the sky that are not from you , but look like they are ... will our hearts, our souls ... be able to KNOW that we are being deceived?

FoL: We would say this to all of you who have this concern. The technological implements that exist upon your earth plane at this time whether used for good or harm, cannot be compared to the technology that exists 'off' your planet Earth. It would be like comparing toys with the real thing. With all respect, do you think we are unaware of these plans that those who have lost their way are working upon? Dearest lady, we do not underestimate your intelligence by any means, and yet may we stress to the maximum of our capability that there are matters taking place which are far beyond the understanding of the majority of those that are even 'in the know' upon your plane.

Blossom: Yes, I can accept this. And quite honestly, happy not to be involved. I have a hard enough time as it is trying to understand all that is being brought to my attention. Yet, I do have to ask , if your technology is such as you say, and I am not doubting you/it, could you just, one more time, explain to me then, why it was not possible for you to stop the action that would have taken place if you were to have decloaked one of your motherships on Oct14th2008? What could the lower energies of this planet have that you were unable to detect and put a stop to.

FoL: Life!

Blossom: Meaning?

FoL: The most precious thing of all upon your planet is Life itself. The most precious thing everywhere is Life itself. This, we would not bargain with or compromise in anyway. As we have said before, if we were to have shown in the way promised and arranged, life on the largest scale imaginable, would have been taken from your planet and this we could not risk.

Blossom: But if you have technology far beyond that of Earths, how would there have been a risk? That's the bit I don't get.

FoL: Because although we have technology far beyond that of your earth plane, this does not mean that we are able to intervene in all/any given matter. For there is freedom of choice. It was decided that it was best to abort the mission at that time rather than the far reaching consequences should we have gone ahead.

Blossom: Ok, but if it is not for you to intervene in that way, how will that be any different should 'false shows' appear in the skies?

FoL: Because that would not involve the great loss of human life that would have happened around the Oct event that we asked you to announce. May we put many of your minds and hearts at ease?

Blossom: Yes, please , because it can, as you know, all get a little to much for us earthlings at times!

FoL: All is going extremely well and according to plan. Do you think that when the 'Ascension' plan was put into place that we were maybe unaware of the challenges that surrounded it? Do you think we would have overlooked perhaps the fact that there would be the 'lower energies to contend with? Do you think, seriously dear ones, for one moment that this particular aspect may have slipped our attention?

Blossom: When you say it like that ... of course not!

FoL: Which should then give you more peace of mind should it not? We are aware of this so called 'power' that thinks it controls your Earth. Yet it is an illusion. If you allow your minds to make it a reality then there is little we can do.


Do you think we would have missed a few very important subject matters out because we were not concentrating? Awaken dearest souls to what you KNOW in your hearts to be Truth.


If the big bosses did not think you were capable , let us state categorically , you would not be the ones down upon your Earth plane creating it. KNOW that as fact. KNOW that as TRUTH. So with all Love may we say to you ... step up your game in the knowingness of who you are! If you do not fully KNOW it , then how can you fully Be it?

Before we take our leave this day , we wish to offer you our encouragement , our honour, our joy , our respect and most of all our Love. IN ALL ... FOR ALL ... that YOU ARE and DO.

Blossom: As always I speak for many when I say 'ditto' back at ya! Thank you SO much for the part YOU play. We are most appreciative. In Love and thanks!

Federation of Light by Blossom Goodchild

domingo, 14 de novembro de 2010

November 14, 2010

We ask above ALL, within ALL of this that is to come ... that you KNOW YOU ARE LOVE.

You are the glorification of LOVE. It is LOVE that shall lead you through triumphantly, for there is NOTHING that can surpass it. There is NOTHING that can defeat it. LOVE shall take you to your new place.

When you KNOW of this in the core of your BEING then indeed this is a time to march onward. A time to BE who you came here to be. LOVE! KNOW IT. LOVE is the answer to every single question you could think to ask. Because LOVE is in everything. Nothing would /could exist if LOVE did not.

For Love is ALL there is and ALL there ever will be.

Blossom: Good morning to you. Lately I have been assessing my position with you, the role I play, and where I stand within it all and why??? Others seem to channell political , economica,l etc information , and you would probably recognise that for me, that would be like trying to download japenese geometrical data to a toddler. so I understand why we do not deal with this ... I was wondering though ... Truly , if you are coming through to offer us wisdom about ourselves and how to simply BE Love ,what more can you say? If we don't understand it now, then will we ever? I feel we now know so much and just need to make sure we ARE of it ... LOVE, I mean.

Federation of Light (FoL): Is it that you would make us redundant dearest lady?

Blossom: Not at all.

FoL: Then what is it you would wish to speak of?

Blossom: That's the thing. There must be a billion things we could know of , and yet , where would we start? Keeping in mind that we have spoken before about allowing you to bring forth knowledge that YOU feel is most appropriate for us.

FoL: And this we have done so far. We would not chose to 'abandon ship' so close to shore. We have travelled well together and our charts tell us that we have accomplished much within our plans of assistance. What is it YOU are requiring Blossom?

Blossom: Ah! Now there's the thing! I really don't know! I don't particularly want to stop our communication, not at all, but I FEEL perhaps we might change course or something. Where are we going with all this?

FoL: Home.

Bossom: Yet we seem so far away .... well, maybe so near and yet so far .... I can only speak for myself of course.

FoL: And that is why we are asking you what YOU want?

Blossom: OK. Something tangible. Something that will give us such a lift. Something that says 'it's ok ground crew ... we haven't deserted you'.We KNOW you haven't . We KNOW so many things now. Yet many of us are frustrated. We ARE doing our best to remain our Truth . We ARE playing our part down here , but we would so like some form of OBVIOUS FULL ON 'HELLO FOLKS' from you. I don't believe with all your technology that you are unable to come up with something that would astound, something that wouldn't be passed off as a weather balloon. I know you can do something spectacular without causing alarm, yet allowing the world to see what is in store, and when you do this, not only would it uplift our souls, but it would uplift the vibration of the planet one huge point on the Richter scale would it not?! It doesn't necessarily have to be your craft in the skies, but surely a spectacular display of something out of this world would be possible ... something for us to 'ooh' and aahh' about?

FoL: Dearest Blossom. You are missing the point.

Blossom: Clearly! In your wisdom ... sock it to me... right between the eyes!

FoL: We are firstly preparing you of planet Earth for what is to come. If one is not ready for the following days then it would be that so much planning would go awry. It is imperative that all is exactly in position at exactly the correct 'turning point'. And it is this turning 'point' that you are missing. We ask of you, you who have chosen to be where you are ... to remain steadfast in your Truth.

Blossom: We are , it's just that what may appear to be one minute to you, is probably one month, one year even for us and therefore, we have moments of feeling as if we are getting nowhere fast.

FoL: And yet your progression is immense. Many of you have driven yourselves on when you felt you had no strength. You ARE on target. You ARE on track. Do you hear these words? Do you acknowledge them? For if you do not, if you consider them to be words without meaning then there would be little point in us continuing.

Blossom: Yes I hear them. I FEEL them . I KNOW them to be Truth in the Divine plan. Yet we have heard them for so long and even though we can say 'Oh Good . Everything is ticketyboo' ... it still seems for many, to be a struggle that never ends.

Lets change my attitude shall we!!!!??? ... OK ...

Hello my friends, ♫ 'Oh what a beautiful morning ♫ Oh what a beautiful day'!♫ . Right . We are doing so well down here, it is wonderful how we are playing our role so well and progressing so quickly. We are all recognizing the changes going on and although a little uncomfortable at times, we recognize them for what they are , and we do our best to keep on top of it all. How are you doing? What words of wisdom would you care to impart?

FoL: We are and always are doing extremely well. We have no doubts as to the positioning of what it taking place and therefore, there is nothing that stands in our way . We chose to 'chat' with you Blossom in order to sprinkle hope amongst your people. We offer you upliftment for that is our choice to do so. We do not wish to discuss matters with you that are of the political /economical 'bend'(?) as this is not our desire. Indeed as mentioned that is the position for others and we each have our part of the vast plan to fulfill.

Blossom: So what is on the menu for discussion today?

FoL: Discernment.

Blossom: Ok. But have we not spoken of that already?

FoL: Indeed. And yet we are aware that not everyone has taken heed. It is imperative to listen to your heart, FEEL it speaking to you ... does it say to you 'TRUTH' or 'UNTRUTH'? Do this regarding ALL matters. For in these days as the darkness is leaving, there is every possibility that what is seemingly displayed as Truth to the masses ... is more than likely an unTruth. Much that shall occur in your future days and we speak of imminently , will be entrusted to those in power to 'shine the Light' on certain matters. Yet if you do not LISTEN WITH YOUR HEART, you will most certainly be misguided and misled. It is for those who understand what is arising behind the scenes that must remain in strength and take positions of authority. Truth is Truth. It cannot be disguised. And yet we say to you, that when you recognize the display of stories that are about to occur you shall instantly KNOW that the times we have spoken of are upon you.

Blossom: And yet ,are not so many disguising the Truth.

FoL: And yet , is it working? Truth is Truth is Truth is Truth. However much effort is put into trying to make something appear to be what it is not ... it cannot hide from the fact of WHAT IS. These words shall make more sense to you when that which we speak of is taking place.

Blossom: And yet with all respect, why must you speak of what ever it is like that.? Why are you unable to just come out with it ... what ever it is? Just say 'In the days ahead such and such is to occur'.

FoL: We would reply 'we have very strong reasons not to do so'. Have not best laid plans taken a fall in the past for doing this very thing?

Blossom: Mmm! You have a point. I didn't miss that one!

FoL: Be alert dear ones. Much change is to take place (in your time) very soon . And once announcements of a kind that will take you by great surprise are issued , there will be dividings. There will be upheaval and confusion on a grand scale. because what is to be told shall be taken and thrown to the wolves.

Blossom: Sorry, what to you mean by that exactly?

FoL: There will be versions of the Truth announced. This is why we speak as we do. Do not 'take in' as a Truth all that you are led to believe IS Truth ... for it is not. It will be versions of. In your world you have a genuine article and then you have many 'copies' of that article , disguised as the real thing and yet there will be something/somewhere, within/upon that article that will reveal it to be what it Truly is ...a fake ... and yet it may appear so genuine at the onset. Be Aware! All that you have prepared for, all these times when you felt useless and were proceeding so slowly will very soon prove to you that they were indeed very valuable. For it is coming soon when you shall NEED to put into practice your discernment to the maximum of your capability. Do you see now why again we wish to speak of this matter of 'Discernment'?

Yes I do, and I accept what you have said, for as you were giving me these words I felt quite an urgency about them. And interesting because I felt we maybe were talking on a more 'political' level, when to begin today we said we do not do that.

And yet , we feel it necessary to state our case within this particular matter that is to come. It will not be one that shall go unnoticed that is certain. It will not be the case, that if you do not have your news on that day you will miss it , for it shall be spread world wide and be THE TOPIC of conversation everywhere.

Blossom: I am assuming ( and I know one should never do that) that you are talking about 'disclosure'?

FoL. Yet , many are 'assuming' it will be in a certain fashion and we say that it may be of a surprising the way in which it is delivered. And this is why we say to you to 'listen to your Truth'. For the Truth to begin with shall not be presented in the way that would benefit the whole.

Blossom: Oh dear!! And will that eventually be corrected?

FoL: That will depend on how many chose to BE IN THEIR TRUTH. Without doubt it is most favorable that is may easily be corrected. It is not that it cannot be so. BUT THE TRUTH IS .... THE TRUTH. And this is where so many of you will come into your own understanding. A time when you will KNOW your purpose in a way that you have been yearning for. There is to be a mixture of events occurring at the one time ...

Blossom: A great big melting pot!

FoL:And with in it, each one must discover for themselves their hearts Truth. There shall be many, many that jump on board to serve in a way that they had never imagined they could BE. You are being called up to service fellow leaders into THE LIGHT. The ground work is completed ... the training is over ... You have allowed yourselves to come this far for a reason. The very best is yet to come.

We ask above ALL, within ALL of this that is to come ... that you KNOW YOU ARE LOVE. You are the glorification of LOVE. It is LOVE that shall lead you through triumphantly, for there is NOTHING that can surpass it. There is NOTHING that can defeat it. LOVE shall take you to your new place. When you KNOW of this in the core of your BEING then indeed this is a time to march onward. A time to BE who you came here to be. LOVE! KNOW IT. LOVE is the answer to every single question you could think to ask. Because LOVE is in everything. Nothing would /could exist if LOVE did not. For Love is ALL there is and ALL there ever will be.

Blossom: Mmm! Well that was worth hanging on in there for, as at one point I was going to abort the mission for today. What a difference recognition and change of attitude can make ? Speak to you again sometime soon if I may? In Love and thanks.

Federation of Light by Blossom Goodchild - JAPANESE -FRANÇAIS - DEUTSCH - CHINESE - SPANISH – DUTCH – PORTUGUÊS

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Meus Queridos, não falo muitas vezes directamente convosco, mas é uma época tão extraordinária que estou a aproveitar esta oportunidade para falar-vos mais sobre o vosso mundo, e como é importante que se concentrem completamente, agora, em erguer as vossas vibrações, especialmente aqueles que estiveram tão ocupados a trabalhar, a ganhar dinheiro para pagar as contas e cuidar da família.

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No primeiro dia de Junho, depois de terem mandado lixar a troika, algumas dezenas de estudantes turcos a residir em Portugal juntaram-se na Avenida dos Aliados, no Porto, para apoiar os compatriotas. Dezenas de milhares de turcos têm protestado, ao longo da última semana, em Ancara e Istambul, contra o Governo de Recep Taiyyip Erdogan. Em causa está não só a decisão de construção um centro comercial no parque Gezi, mas também (ou sobretudo) um enorme descontentamento com a política de Erdogan, marcada pelo conservadorismo e pelo entusiasmo por grandes obras públicas consideradas fracturantes. O P3 quis ouvir jovens que conhecem a realidade turca e perceber qual é a perspectiva que têm sobre o conflito. Ideologias à parte, no final, a mensagem foi só uma: o povo está unido contra a violência e pela democracia.

Bradley Manning

1,000 dias sem julgamento. Esteja presente num dos 58 eventos para Bradley!

Adira ao apelo internacional para apoiar Bradley Manning, o soldado heróico que tem sido perseguido por ter feito o que era correcto – Expôr os crimes de guerra para motivar em todo o mundo as discussões, debatesse reformas.

Events planned worldwide on Feb 23, in support of Bradley Manning on his 1,000th day imprisoned without trial

Uma enorme efusão de apoio a Bradley!

Os Eventos incluem protestos, comícios, exibições de hip-hop, concertos e arte. Pedimos que estejam presentes num evento perto de vós, neste fim-de-semana afim de educar/informar/elucidar outros sobre Bradley e mostrar igualmente às autoridades militares que os povos de todo o mundo apoiam-no. Os soldados têm direito a um julgamento rápido, não apenas sob a legislação da Constituição dos Estados Unidos da América, mas também de acordo com o Código Uniforme da Justiça Militar daquele país. Mas o Tribunal Marcial tem sido atrasado porque as forças armadas têm criado continuamente obstáculos à defesa em aceder a evidência importante e

No entanto, o tribunal marcial designado para Bradley foi adiado porque os militares têm criado continuamente obstáculos à defesa para impedi-la de aceder a provas importantes e proporcionar um apelo a este informador.

Eventos nos E.U.A.

Tucson, AZ Feb 23, 11am-5pm
Tempe, AZ Feb 23, 5:30-6:30pm
Guerneville, CAFeb 23, 12-1pm
Cahuenga (L.A.), CA Feb 23, 9-11am
Los Angeles, CAFeb 23, 5:30-6:30
Long Beach (L.A.), CA Feb 23 at 1pm until Feb 24 at 2pm
Montrose (L.A.), CAFeb 23, 5:30-7pm
Studio City (L.A.), CA Feb 22, 6:30-7:30pm
San Francisco, CAFeb 23, 1-4pm
San Diego, CA Feb 23, 7-9pm
Denver, CO Feb 23, 12-3:30pm
Washington, DCFeb 24, 6:30-9pm
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Feb 23, 12-1:30pm
Pensacola, FL Feb 23, 5:30-6:30pm
Tallahassee, FLFeb 23, 12-1pm
Honolulu, HI Feb 22, 4-5:30pm
Chicago, IL Feb 23, 12-1:30pm
Ft. Leavenworth, KS Feb 23, 1-3pm

Boston, MA Feb 23, 1-2pm
Augusta, ME Feb 23, 11:30am-12pm
Portland, ME Feb 23, 12pm
Detroit, MI Feb 23, 3-8pm
Eatentown, NJ Feb 23, 12-1:30pm
New Orleans, LAFeb 23, 2-6pm
Minneapolis, MN Feb 23, 9:30am-12pm
Wilmington, NC Feb 23, 12-1:45pm
Albuquerque, NM Feb 23, 10am-12pm
New York, NY Feb 23, 2-4pm
Rochester, NY Feb 23, 10am-12pm
Toledo, OH Feb 23, 12pm
Corvallis, OR ongoing
Philadelphia, PA Feb 23, 2-4pm
Newport, RI Feb 23, 1-2pm
Austin, TX Feb 23, 10:30am
Houston, TX Feb 23, All Day
Bristol, VT Feb 23, 10am-12pm
Seattle, WA Feb 23, 12-4pm

Eventos Internacionais

Melbourne, Australia Feb 22, 2-4pm
Sydney, AustraliaFeb 23, 11am-2pm
Vancouver, CanadaFeb 23, 1-5pm
Paris, France Feb 23, 3-5pm
Berlin, GermanyFeb 23, 12:30-3pm
Brussels, BelgiumFeb 23, 1-2pm
Kaiserslautern, Germany Feb 23, All Day
Rome, Italy Feb 23, 4-5pm
Oslo, Norway Feb 23, 10am-12pm
Oporto, PortugalFeb 23, das 15:00 às 18;00H.
Seoul, South KoreaFeb 23, 11am
Kampala, UgandaFeb 23, 10am-12pm

Dublin, Ireland Feb 23, 1-3pm
Birmingham, UK Feb 23, 2pm
London, UK Feb 23, 2pm
Peterborough, UK Feb 23, 12-2pm
Yorkshire, UK Feb 23, 11am
Fairford UK Feb 23, 9:30am-12pm
Bangor, Wales Feb 23, 11am-2pm
Cardiff, Wales Feb 23, 10:30am-2:30pm

No dia 3 de Junho, 100 dias após o próximo sábado, a acusação militar irá proferir uma sentença terrível para toda a vida, no tribunal marcial que está julgar Bradley. As demonstrações públicas são a melhor maneira de dar uma oportunidade de liberdade a este jovem informador. Nunca houve uma ocasião mais importante para divulgar o nosso apoio a expor crimes de guerra, justiça internacional e o direito do povo de saber o que o governo faz em nosso nome.

Encontre uma demonstração na sua área ou crie a sua !

Se estiver presente numa demonstração, por favor tire fotografias e envie por email

Obrigado por apoiar Bradley Manning

Ajude-nos a continuar a pagar a totalidade (100%) das despesas da defesa de Bradley! Faça uma doação HOJE!